VITBREW x Shàmila Boffo Opal One Coffee Pod Machine


Shàmila Boffo – Roma, Italy, reimagines the Opal One coffee machine with a sleek design to bring the pod machine to life.

  • High-Pressure Brewing: Delivers a fuller, stronger coffee.
  • Superior Capsule Performance: Outshines other machines in quality.

Nestled within the heart of Roma, Italia, Shàmila Boffo presents an exquisite reinterpretation of the Opal One coffee apparatus, meticulously crafting a silhouette of unparalleled sleekness to invigorate the essence of the pod machine. This masterpiece, born from the fusion of innovative design and the timeless elegance inherent to Italian craftsmanship, promises not merely a beverage, but an experience

About Opal One Coffee Pod Machine

Experience Specialty Coffee Like Never Before with the OPAL One Coffee Pod Machine. Tailor-made for Specialty Coffee Pods, the OPAL One Revolutionizes Brewing with its Innovative Silicon Brew Chamber, Minimizing Dilution for a Richer, Fuller Flavor. Featuring Advanced High-Pressure and High-Temperature Technology, this Machine Surpasses Others in Delivering Exceptionally Strong and Full-Bodied Coffee. Discover the True Essence of Our Carefully Selected Coffees with the Best Capsule Machine on the Market – OPAL One, the Ultimate Choice for Specialty Coffee Pod Aficionados.

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